About us

What are we trying to achieve? 

Utopia are speaking up for nature because we believe it is our duty to protect endangered animals. We believe that all life is precious, whether they are human or animal and therefore we are trying to take it upon ourselves to make a change to our way of life. Through many avenues we strive to enlighten the younger generation about the value of wildlife and the imminent threat of their endangerment. Please help us on this journey by reflecting upon your actions and making a change.

What we have achieved

As a company we have had many successes, allowing us a company to improve further. It all started by us winning the Young Enterprise awards for 'Best Brand Image', 'Best Presentation' which included all the businesses in Worcestershire, Warwickshire and Coventry, as well as us winning 'Company of the Year for Coventry and Warwickshire'. By winning this it meant that we got through to the Regional finals, meaning we were competing against the whole of the West Midlands. At the awards show we gratefully came home with awards for, 'Best Presentation' and 'Best Customer Focus and Marketing', as well as 'Company of the Year for the West Midlands', meaning we will be participating in the National Finals of the competition. We truly believe that we as a company have created a product that is innovative, whilst being sustainable and educational. 

Check out the Leamington Courier's article on our journey, just click the link below!


As a group we all are increasingly concerned about the current climate crisis which is having a detrimental affect on the planet. This has resulted in many animals facing the imminent threat of endangerment. We feel that we should put our passion of this topic into the form of an educational board game for all the family. 


We have created a family board game focused entirely on educating everyone on the current issues animals are experiencing in a range of habitats such as; the desert, tropical rainforests, the ocean and arctic. 


We are a group of 14 young ladies, who have come together to create Utopia Enterprise as part of the Young Enterprise organisation in order to raise awareness on an issue heartfelt to us. 


We are based at King’s High Warwick School for Girls in the West Midlands.