Week Eight


We are finally back from our Easter holidays with lots of work to now do. This meeting we discussed what are aims we are planning to do from now. As a company we have many deadlines that are upcoming, so we are turning our focus off production for one more week then getting back to it, churning out board game after board game. The report is due soon, so we have divided it up to different people to make it a more manageable workload, as well as allowing us to get different viewpoints on the progress we have made. The reports are vital for our development in the competition, as it consists of 40% of our mark, so we are making sure it is as good as it can be. People not doing the report started focusing on the presentation we have to film and send away, they also started thinking about preparation for our live interview with the judges. There are also some competitions coming up with regards to sustainability and due to our products and company's very sustainable nature, we are hoping to do well and win! Next week we will be focusing on perfecting our reports, to a level we can hand them in. 

With love,

The Utopia Enterprise Team <3