Week Five


Our first meeting back! We had a lot of catching up to do after weeks of online meetings. This week we had a lot to discuss due our decision to produce to product ourselves, which we can now start to do because we have a lot of our resources. At the beginning we discussed important deadlines we need to reach for reports, presentations, interviews etc. We are still doing what we can do try and send out our pre-order form as soon as possible, so we can start getting some revenue, the decision was made that our deadline for all orders will be 31st March, to provide us with the time to make them. After this we split up into two teams, one focusing on the beginning of production and the other team, started to create our design for a market stall to enter into a competition. In production, we started to spray paint the base of the board game with our eco-friendly spray paint, whilst others started to cut up the denim and felt needed for our habitat corners on it. Whereas for the market stall, that team started to collect, as well as create items needed to make their ideal stall. We then came together at the end of the session to talk about the progress we had made, which was all very positive and with our team rota throughout the week we should continue to make the progress we need. 

With love,

The Utopia Enterprise <3