Week Four


In our last online meeting we had a lot to discuss in preparation for going back to school. To plan for returning to school, we started to make a production timetable to help us known when we are going to work on what and to allow people to start to specialise in certain areas, so we can therefore produce as quick as we can. As a team we then proceeded to look into packaging and whether it is more efficient to get it outsourced or for us to produce it ourselves, as well as everything else. We came up with the idea of sending the teachers at our school and the preparatory school of it, to get an understanding on whether they think children and their parents would be interested in our board game, to allow us to get some further market research. We also created a small personal video that we could attach to our email and post on our social media, which is attached below. It is so exciting to think we will be able to physically be with one another in a room shortly. 

With love,

Utopia Enterprise Team <3