Week Fourteen


There was a very busy start of the week but at this point in time we are only preparing for the interview for the National Finals on Wednesday, that day will be very stressful as we find out the results in the evening. At the beginning of the week on Monday, we spent the whole day preparing our report, presentation and advert, to make adaptions as well as start from scratch. For the finals we made the decision to create a new advert and with the help from Libby Feller who animated part of the advert, with our creative director, Laura drawing all the cartoons involved. With regards to the presentation, we kept it very similar as to what it was previously because we were so successful with it but just added further information to highlight what we have done since the first presentation was filmed. We then handed in all our items on the day making sure they were perfect.

Today, a few of us presented in our school assembly where we told the students and teachers who we were, what our aim is and showed our product. In today's meeting we scoped out the competition to help prepare us as to who are facing on Wednesday. As well as continuing production of the game, to fulfil all of our sales because the game does take quite a lot of time as it's handmade. Overall, the process has been amazing and it would be the best thing ever to be able to progress to European finals. 

With love,

The Utopia Enterprise Team <3