Week Nine


Today we managed to get lots done, allowing us to be even more prepared as the weeks rapidly go by. Everyone had finished there reports allowing our teacher to read through them to make sure they are prepared to be submitted. Within this report we had to talk about our company's journey, how we run as a company and all our objectives. Whilst some checked over that work, others started to create a presentation script to help show off our product. The presentation is an important part of the process because we get to show and talk about our board game to the judges and show how our team came up with it. Other people also started to go into further production, meaning we now have many completed board games, with some being delivered to customers. This enables us to use the money towards buying more resources, as well as just having profit. Overall, it was a very productive day, therefore putting us in a stable position for the future weeks, which are very busy! 

With love, 

The Utopia Enterprise Team <3