Week Six


With the term almost coming to an end we have one more meeting after today before we break up for the easte holidays, so we have been working extremely hard to make sure we are at a good point for this. During the week production has been going ahead rapidly as we have an aim to finish a couple of board games by next week to give our schools preparatory, so they can show parents to encoruage people to buy it. In this meeting we continuyed to create the four corners of our game: recycled glitter paper from the desert, felt handcrafted leaved for the rainforest, recyled denim patches for the ocean and an eco snow blankert for the artic corner. Our packaging has also been ordererd. We also added a new section on this website to allow people to start ordering the game so feel free to visit that page! Whilst production was going ahead, our marketing team continued to prepare our vitual market stall ready for the competition. They also started to think about the presentations we have to do, to allow our product to be judged. Overall, this week we have doen lots of hard work which has led to us being in the position we are. 

With love,

The Utopia Enterprise Team <3

Above is the digital version of our board game.