Week Thirteen


This again was a week that was full of chaos, with us all having our exams, whilst having to prepare our interview for regionals, as well as awaiting the result of who had gotten through to nationals on that Wednesday evening. However, it all appeared to be worth it when we found out we had gotten through to NATIONALS, words can't even explain the excitement and happiness we felt when the results were told. As well as winning best company, we also received awards for ‘Best Presentation’ and ‘Best Customer Focus and Marketing’. Although it now means we have a lot to prepare such as a new commercial to really showcase our product and also creating a new presentation to highlight our progress as a business and what we now have to offer. In recent meetings we have continuously discussed how we can develop our brand with possibly creating different versions of our game. Our main focus at the moment is developing a virtual version of our game because it would mean it is more accessible to everyone, so therefore could reach a global scale. In the next week, we will also make sure that we have the design rights to our game to prevent the idea being stolen. Production also continued in full speed to make sure that we fulfill our current orders.

Another key factor for our development is looking into entering different sales channels. We have reached out to retailers and managed to get our game into a local small business, however we hope to further our horizons but target shops that represent what we are all about such as sustainability. There is a journey ahead, but we can't wait to explore all our different opportunities.

Make sure your order 'Wildlife Wanderers' in the Order section, as well as checking us out on our other social media. We would love to hear from you all. 

With love,

The Utopia Enterprise Team <3