Week Two


This week is the last week before half term, so we had a lot to discuss in today's meeting. We split up into break out rooms on Teams, which allowed us to achieve many things. The marketing team researched into the market we are trying to break into by see what makes different board games unique and what price range we should look at when pricing our product. Some of our creative team and managing directors looked into creating an advertising powerpoint (that is attached below), aimed to inform and promote our product. They also started to gather ideas on how we could make our game available to play online, whilst the game is in manufacturing. The pre order form was also made today but we just need to sort out the pricing before we can send it out. The finance and operations teams looked into the costings of all the materials required to make our eco-friendly game, as well as preparing to get a quote for manufacturing the game. Finally, at the beginning of the week this website was published and we have used our Twitter and Instagram to promote it. 

With love,

The Utopia Enterprise Team <3