This is the first of many weekly updates. We have decided to include this as a section on our website, to give people an insight into what occurs behind the scenes. So far, we have managed to hand make a prototype to allow us to receive some market research. This has then allowed us to adapt out game to really excite our target audience. In today's teams meeting our marketing team developed a short advert to be entered into a twitter competition hosted by Young Enterprise. We also spoke about the possibility of creating an online version of our game, as it will take time before it can be manufactured. We have had to look into manufacturing our product as we cannot currently produce it ourselves as originally intended. Our other members started to create a presentation that can be shown to local prep schools and their pupils, as well as forming a bill of products and developing this very website. This whole experience has been very difficult, due to being in the middle of a global pandemic but we have been determined to tackle any problems that have come our way. We hope that we can bring out a product soon!

This is the advert that was created below. 

With love,

The Utopia Enterprise Team <3