The Wildlife Wanderers Board Game

What is Wildlife Wanderers about?

  • It raises awareness about the dramatic increase of endangered animals by educating young children aged six plus. 
  • There are interactive cards which encourage the participants to act out the animal. This includes a trait of the animal to provide the player with an idea on what to do if they haven't heard of the animal before, as well as a drawing of them created by our Art team. Once the card has been acted out, the fact is to be read aloud, allowing the other players to become aware and educated on their endangerment .

Below is the board game.

Above are the instructions for Wildlife Wanderers.  

What is unique about Wildlife Wanderers?

  • Our game ensures that all materials are sustainable and eco-friendly. This is extremely important to us because we are all aware of the current state of the planet and the dangerous increase of greenhouse gases. 
  • As our game is about endangered animals, it is vital that we use products that have been ethically sourced (such as the woods for the counters). When conducting  research about our product, we found a gap in the market on board games that aimed to educate children on endangered animals. We felt passionate about this issue and took it upon ourselves to create our own.  

What is the game made out of? 

  • The A3 base of the game is made out of recyclable cork. We chose to use cork as it is biodegradable and helps to prevent deforestation as no trees are cut down in the process.
  • The hexagon places on the base are applied with chalk pigment spray paint, which is eco-friendly. 
  • In the green corner (The Tropical Rainforest) of the game we have used recycled green felt in the shape of leaves. 
  • For the arctic corner we are using an eco-snow blanket, which is fully bio-compostable further adding to the overall sustainability of the game. 
  • As a company we have decided to use patches of recycled denim to represent our ocean corner on the board, we brought in pairs of our old jeans meaning that there has been no new environmental impacts as no new materials have been used. 
  • Finally, for our desert habitat we have used recyclable glitter card and the playing cards are also on recyclable coloured card. 
  • The dice is also handcrafted and made out of corks our company has collected and sanded down to get the perfect shape. The counters have been outsourced because the wood they are made out of is ethically sourced from a reliable small business.  

The list of materials we are using to make this game is shown on the right.